When do you need a patent attorney?

The application for a patent, a trademark or other protective rights at the Georgian Patent Office (“Sakpatenti”) can generally be made by the applicant himself, if an applicant is a resident of Georgia.

However, there are several good reasons to seek the assistance of a patent attorney from the first day::

  • The deposition of an application creates facts that set the frame for the whole subsequent procedure. Errors made here might not be corrected later or cause additional costs.
  • The discussion with the Patent Office about patentability of an invention or the registration of a trademark demands experience for what is possible and how the case can be built up.
  • The procedure at the Patent Office is complicated and demands up-to-date knowledge of case law. Formal mistakes can easily result in loss of the whole right.
  • A patent, trademark or other right can be worthless if the formulation (patent claims, sign etc.) is wrong.
  • A preliminary analysis can avoid hopeless applications and thus save money.
  • The planning of an international/regional patent and trademark strategy demands knowledge of what is possible and how to achieve it.

And, and, and ….